Membership at Chesterfield Lawn Tennis Club entitles you to free use of the outdoor facilities and clubhouse, access to team and social play, discounted group coaching rates, priority booking and discounted members rates for indoor courts. 50% of players must be members to be entitled to pay the members rate.

Team players wishing to represent the Club must be members and all club members are registered by the Club as British Tennis Members with the Lawn Tennis Association. This is free and gives priority offers for tickets to tennis events and enables you to opt-in to the Club Wimbledon ticket ballot.

 Membership  2018-2019

The Membership Subscription year runs from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019.

Download our membership application form for NEW Membership 15 month offer 2019/2020. To be eligible for this offer you must be a new member to the club. Members 2018/19 are NOT eligible for this offer. NB offer not available on line. Membership Renewal 2019- 15 month NEW

Download our membership application form for Membership Renewal 2018.. or join online

Do I need to be a Member to play?

Visitors are welcome. We have a non members rate to play indoors and a visitor fee of Β£5 per person to play outside. Members, matches and coaching take priority but check with us for availability.

See the facilities page for our indoor court rates. 

Membership Categories

Category Rate (£) Notes
Adult £205
Couples £320
Family £360 Two Adults children under 18 at same address
Student £80 In full time education
Over 65 £135 Over 65 on 1st April 2018
Weekday £130 Playing weekdays before 5pm
Country £130 Living over 15 miles from the Club
Under 18 £70 Aged under 18 on 1st April 2018
Under 11 £50 Aged under 11 on 1st April 2018
Social £20 Non-playing
Parent £55 Playing with child under 11 only
Young Adult £130 Under 25 on 1st April 2018